At Merritt Construction Solutions our passion is finding solutions for residential building challenges. Whether it is building a new house, an extension or a renovation, we can help from the initial design phase through to completion.

Granny Flats

Do you have an investment property that has room for a secondary dwelling, better known as a Granny Flat? Do you need a Granny Flat to accommodate your family members? Do you want to rent out your family home and need a Granny Flat for yourself to live in?
We specialise in Granny Flats and can provide you with a solution of any size and design, from a flat packed 20sqm studio to a two bedroom 60sqm brick veneer home. With the NSW Government changes to planning laws, you can build a Granny Flat without enduring the long, drawn out DA process. Ask us about an option that might suit your needs.

Multi-generational Solutions

With the changing demographic in Australia, there is a greater need for Multi-generational living solutions. Do you like the neighbourhood you currently live in, but want to rebuild your existing home to accommodate an extended family? MCS can help you discover a design that will suit all members of the family. We have design solutions from around the globe that could be adapted to suit your existing home or family situation.


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